Space design studies & workshops with spatially-located data (2009~2010)

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Twitter Cartogram

Dec, 2010

Spatially non-uniform density distribution of tweets distorts information resolution of city terrain. This is a metaphor as public's attention subsequently leads to an increase of demand for geographical information in the area.

Shinjuku Shibuya Ikebukuro Omotesando Uniformly Random
3m grid
15m grid
60m grid
250m grid

Temporal Pattern around Omotesando Area

Jan, 2011

Distorted Maps with Tweets

Oct, 2010



Skewed (grid)

Skewed (grid & tweet density)

Test code of generating distorted maps

Exhibition "CITY2.0"

Sep, 2010

Installation for the exhibition "CITY2.0" held at GYRE@Omotesando in 2010. This visualizes a tweet stream posted around the venue, responding to the predefined keywords. Colored sparkles in the map show people's action such as eating, shopping, watching, etc, there.

Geo-located tweets colored by keywords

Track of people

Overlay on a satellite map

Concentric highlight on RT

Workshop at Tsukuba University in 2010

Jun, 2010

Visualization of what and where students do in the university campus. This app was used to understand space syntax of their living space and to lead to the better design of it.

Site for the workshop (currently the app is not working fully)

Exhibition "DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2009"

Nov, 2009

Installation for the exhibition "DESIGNTIDE TOKYO 2009" held at Tokyo Midtown@Roppongi in 2009. This map installation was projected on a screen at the entrance of the hall, and demonstrated "Dynamic Floor Map" showing people's actions extracted from the tweets posted around each booth to show visitors what's currently going on in the hall.


Word Net

early 2009

Some works for visualizing behavioral structure of people using cooccurrence graphs of words.